The video from Edutopia.org provided some incredible ideas for project-based learning. In many of the schools, the project-based learning revolved around the students’ interests. These can be shorter or semester-long projects. The projects in the video used technology, but weren’t focused on the technology. Students used information off the internet or created Powerpoint presentations. Some benefits include students’ high motivation and involvement as well as possibly incorporating their research into real life experimentation. Students could find a future career path through a former project-based learning module. However, critics wonder whether students are learning all they should within these settings. Presently, I cannot decide where my loyalties lie. I understand the benefit to project-based learning, but don’t quite understand how to get all your students on board. Finding a way to relate your topic to every student is impossible and it seems that project-based learning could be detrimental if several students require all your attention or if they simply refuse to do the work necessary for success in a larger project. Also, I’m not sure what means of project-based learning would be most conducive to a history setting that would intrigue enough students in a subject generally looked upon as boring. It would be helpful to learn about specific project-based learning modules for certain subject matters.