Yes, this is an extra-post that is part of my attempt to become more technologically savve. (Ok, more like it just happened into my lap via Facebook and WordPress, but still, I’m trying to understand this.) So here’s to something new:

Anyway, when searching for different blogs to follow the yesterday, I came across what I believed was an ad for something called SOPA and just went back to the previous page to try with something else. But it came up for 4 or 5 of the blogs I wanted to look at. So I finally took the time to read through the ad. It was imploring us to write to our Congressmen(women) to counteract this new bill, SOPA. I investigated a little more to discover that they plan to shut down companies that provide free downloading. Still not really comprehending what this means for me, I continue working on various assignments. Later that evening, my roommate mentions something about SOPA and explains it in such a way that I more or less get the gist of the bill. Basically, I won’t be able to find the latest episodes of Doctor Who or several other of my favorite TV shows online. I’m not exactly sure what else will be excluded, but believe this will cause a ruckus in many other online things as well.

Flash forward to the present. I log into Facebook to see what my friends are up to (aka refusing to work on the homework mountain I’m attempting to conquer). Scrolling down I see something from a good friend who I met in Spain. He’s writing things such as, “Why must they take our videos away?!?” Baffled, I continue to scroll down and see an earlier post by him and another Spaniard complaining about Megaupload. Turns out that they watch many videos through Megavideo, a subcategory of Megaupload. This is the company that I watch my favorite shows on as well. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that this American law is having a large influence across the ocean as well. It’s befuddling to imagine that something that I thought was only American is stretching worldwide because of the interconnectedness we share via the internet. Anywho, silly little ramblings, but I thought it was pertinent to this class.