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For this week’s module, we created a Glog (basically, it’s like an interactive, online poster board) to describe a technology that can be beneficial in the classroom.

I opted to use one of the technologies mentioned by Cynthia in my interview: Voicethread (see the link on the glog if you care to know more!). It doesn’t take too much, but still allows the students to use their Spanish skills. Her class is sending a voicethread about her school (en espanol, claro!) across the globe to other Spanish speakers. I think it’s a wonderful way to connect through a common language and share something that is special to you.

As for Glogster, I haven’t had a great experience. I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t manipulate the tools to get the right color I wanted or figure out how to spice it up (I could have found out, but am running out of time and patience). When I tried to finish the project the other night, I was told that Glogster was overcapacity, whatever this means. It could be a good program, but as a student I would invest too much time into the preparation of the project and lose the meaning of the information I’m conveying (I apologize if this occurred here). Overall, I’m not sold on Glogster for my classroom purposes, but can see the usefulness of it for others.

Check it out and give feedback/critiques if you feel so inclined.