The other day on Twitter one of the Spanish teachers added a comment about Free Rice. If you’ve ever played it, you know how addicting it can become. I sat on Free Rice and played for a half hour or so the other… in SPANISH!

I didn’t know they introduced this portion of it. I hadn’t been on it since coming to college. The words were fairly simple for Spanish since it’s a basic level language learner portion (also available in German, Italian, and French for those of you wanting to expand your linguistic knowledge). When I looked up the other subjects, I was astonished how much it had grown! After playing in Spanish for 30ish minutes, I switched to Flags of the World. So much fun! I should have been reading for my 3 history classes, but everyone needs to escape for a short while, right? Anyway, if you’re interested, join Free Rice to improve your knowledge while helping others out.

Also, for my GS 401 class with Prof. Jurchen, we are encouraged to discuss various current events to remind us that we will soon be out there and have the opportunity to witness. I’m not the best at bringing current events in, but decided to look up some for class this week. I found something on FARC in Colombia. This rebel group has recently announced its renouncement of kidnappings and has plans to release current hostages. After taking several courses on Latin American history, this is a monumental announcement. True, they haven’t renounce their violent ways, but hopefully this is a start to better future for the citizens of a politically distressed country.