The latest assignment? Create a Jing screen cast. I must admit, this was a terrifying idea when it was introduced. With the technological difficulties I’ve experienced within the last few weeks, I didn’t think this would go well. However, this is one of the smoother assignments I’ve had thus far for class. It looks tougher than it is. I just had to speak up more than normal for the mic to pick up my voice. I think Jings can be useful outside of the realm of instruction for online technology as well. I could use this as another option for my students if they didn’t like the other options in my Wordle Story idea. {At the end of the school year I’d present several Wordles with the TPRS vocabulary structures we’ve studied. The students would create a short story and present it using one of several online storyboard programs, videos, or podcasts. It’s a great chance for our students to show-off how much they know now in a FL. Also, I could share it with another Spanish class across the globe to show off my brilliant students.} And now when I have a problematic pop-up screen telling me that technology still hates me, I can take a picture of it and send it out asking for assistance! Anyway, without further ado, I give you my screen cast on Showbeyond. Enjoy!