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This past week we received feedback on our various project ideas for our EDUC 346 class. A huge thanks goes out to Jane and Suzie, the co-authors of our textbook, for the feedback they gave!

It was encouraging to hear from others. I also bounced the idea off of my methods for foreign language class. It’s wonderful to hear that the basic idea isn’t a flop and would actually be a fun activity (according to several tech classmates). Others recognized my emphasis on communicating in the target language~ definitely what I was aiming for. Jane and Suzie suggested more group work. I really want to allow students the opportunity to try this on their own with their personal story, but think it would be wonderful to have them contribute to others’ stories as a specific character perhaps. I’m not sure exactly how I would allow them to work together. It would be part of my initial handout concerning the project once I develop it a little more.

My next step would probably be to create a rubric. I’m not sure what other problems would surface, but rubrics show where flaws may come out. As of right now, I’d just be excited to see what stories would result and how they presented them. I’d probably bounce the idea off my kids about now in the semester to see how they’d react to it. The project is definitely coming together and has great possibilities. I can’t wait to use it in my future classroom!