After 16 weeks of class, things are finally coming to a close. Graduation day is approaching (even though I’m not graduating, I feel as though I am since I’ll only be on campus for 8 weeks in the fall). Projects are flooding professors’ offices… or in boxes if you happen to be Angie. Students are rejoicing as each final is conquered and dorm rooms are being packed. Looking back over the course, it’s been an interesting, jam-packed semester of activities, homework, and friendships.

For this class alone I’ve grown to appreciate technology a little more, even though it frequently is the cause of headaches and misunderstandings. Before this class, I knew hardly anything about technology in the classroom. I thought of the technology as simply SmartBoards, PowerPoint, and YouTube videos. A new world has been revealed to me.

I’ve discovered several incredible programs that my students can use that don’t require me to know all the ins and outs of the program. Twitter, although I don’t use it as frequently as I should, is a wonderful resource for connecting with other teachers in my disciplines. I hope to become more consistent in my use of it when my schedule becomes more routine and less chaotic.

I was hesitant and resistant to technology at first no matter how much I said I wasn’t. Looking back I realize that. However, after these modules, I’ve discovered that it’s not as terrible to use once you actually attempt. And, should something not work quite right, there are hundreds of advice sites for each program and that it will work eventually if you sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and try again. I see the value more in educational technology, but must first research the tech to see if it provides what my students need in the classroom or if it’ll simply detract from the lessons. So yes, technology will be incorporated, but I’ll wisely evaluate whether it helps my students or is using technology for technology’s sake.