Just a few tidbits about Kelly Thiessen

Hey, I’m Kelly Thiessen, a senior here at Concordia University-Nebraska in the secondary education program with concentrations in Spanish and history. Being involved in numerous activities, I try to keep my life filled with a little bit of everything: sports, photography, education, reading, eating, traveling, and whatever else strikes my fancy for the day. Although I am involved, I make a point to make each activity the most important, especially when it comes to family and friends and my faith life.

Numerous things have happened lately in my life: studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain, for the 2011 spring semester, becoming an aunt while overseas, completing my fourth summer as a camp counselor, and finally reaching my senior year of college. I’m excited about graduation and am looking forward to the next adventure to come my way, whatever that may be.

For those of you in Educ. 346, I’m taking this as an independent study and do not have the fortune to join you in class. However, I will be looking over your blogs and projects as the class proceeds and hope to find some connection with you as well.

During my study abroad I went to Sevilla's Feria in the flamenco dress I bought. If you're curious about this experience, feel free to ask questions.


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